Complejo EnoturĂ­stico Finca La Estacada

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"On the way to Cuenca's upper lands is a small temple of wine. This place is not here to pay homage to the god Baco, but rather to act as a new, modern winery."

Finca La Estacada emerged in 2001 as a result of the Cantarero Rodríguez family's passion for the world of wine making. Since then, its aim has been to get the best out of its vineyards, using its fruit to produce wines that stand out for both their excellent quality/price ratio and their image. They are wines with their own prestige.
Our work philosophy is to reveal the quality profile wines from this region possess by creating wines of great richness and quality, in accordance with the high expectations of the current market.
The winery uses state-of-the-art tools in order to preserve asepsis and explore the character of each variety of grape even further. The main building houses the winery's ageing room, which can hold 6000 barrels.

Technical Report Justifying Establishment and Certification.

Production and Ageing
"The character and personality of a wine is forged alongside the history of the place where it is born, day after day, year after year."

In our winery, we pay attention to every detail in the grape process in a bid to offer top quality according to their characteristics and time, based on the wine we produce in each case.

Once the grapes have been harvested, they are moved to mashing stores where fermentation occurs, which will last 7-10 days. Mashing involves extraction of the polyphenolic content from the pomace to the juice, and this stage takes 10-30 days, depending on the characteristics of the grape and the type of wine to be produced.

The range of aged wines is juiced directly in barrels.
At Finca La Estacada we have 3000 barrels of American and French oak where our wines remain for the time necessary before being bottled.

At the end of the process, here at Finca La Estacada we taste the wine frequently to ensure it has reached its optimal moment.
The Wines
"Like each person, a wine's fingerprint is unique"

Every bottle hides the knowledge acquired over years of work, the care of a team dedicated to every detail, and love for the wine we produce.

Remember that you can purchase our wines from our online store.
Wine Tasting
"Feel its colour, taste its aroma, be intoxicated by its texture, experience wine with each of the senses"

Wine tasting is analysis of wine via the senses. We use sight to analyse its clarity and transparency, its colour and its intensity. Our sense of smell is used to enjoy the aromatic complexity. And taste allows for discovery of the harmony and balance of its flavours, as well as its long aftertaste.

At Finca La Estacada we work to ensure our wines are clean, fluid and have the colour intensity suited to their characteristics.
"There is no better prize than work well done"

We have received numerous awards and prizes thanks to our effort and passion for work well done, which are essential factors that make our products unique.
Near Tarancón, 40 min. from Madrid and Cuenca

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