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The Land

"There are lands brimming with horizons and silences, harsh and poor lands that are, on the contrary, perfect for the vineyard and wine."
The Land
The land is the origin and start of everything. Finca La Estacada adapts to the land surrounding it, forming a part of it and blending into the landscape with its Mudéjar-brick architecture typical of La Mancha.

Its origins return you to the land, to open spaces where the vineyard reigns over the winery.
Soils in this area are comprised of clay with a calcareous substrate. Generally, they are poor soils with sufficient mineral resources.

Plants mature without issue thanks to the number of hours of sun received by vineyards in Castile-La Mancha and the peculiar fact they are situated in higher areas.
Height allows for slower maturation than the rest of La Mancha, therefore preserving certain levels of acidity and some fruity tones that would disappear with a higher average temperature.
The Vineyards
"Rooted in the heart of the land, a robust shoot and a strong vine, granting its grapes a pure essence."

Loaded with nuances and colours that vary throughout the year, our vineyards constitute an unbeatable landscape.
Finca La Estacada owns 278 hectares of vineyard that stretch like a carpet over slight hills located within the vicinity of the winery. Those furthest away are between 7 and 10 kilometres from the winery.
The Grapes
"Warm and weightless, grapes have the ability to surprise the sight and palate with their characteristics, and the capacity to recreate colours and tones."

Our main varieties of grape are the Tempranillo (with an average age of 25 years), Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot.
Adopting varieties such as the Tempranillo (the most prestigious in Spain), the Merlot and the Cabernet (the leading ladies of global wine-making) and the emerging Shiraz (the star of the Rhone and Australia) is not a question of following the trend, rather a clear bid to rival the world's best wines.

Furthermore, we shouldn't forget about new varieties, such as the Cabernet Franc, Carignan, Malbec and Petit Verdot we have used to expand the plantation.

At Finca La Estacada we organise our grape harvest in accordance with our varieties. As such, we begin at the end of August by collecting our Merlot grapes and we finish at the end of October with the Cabernet grapes, consequently ensuring an optimal grape harvest.
Near Tarancón, 40 min. from Madrid and Cuenca

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