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This event will take place on 21 December at Santiago Monastery in Uclés (Cuenca).

• The Master of Wine, Andreas Kubach, will open proceedings by talking of the impact of sustainability on the wine business.

The Uclés Denomination of Origin is organising the Third Informative Workshop, which is dedicated to sustainability in the wine industry on this occasion. It will take place on 21 December at Santiago Monastery in Uclés (Cuenca), which is the symbol of the denomination located in the heart of Mancha Alta Conquense.
This year, technical training options are based on the development of sustainable measures from an economic and social standpoint in wine production. The title is "Sustainability: opportunities, advantages, economic and social impact. Essential in new grants for the wine sector 2018-2021". This event will join those hosted in 2015 and 2016 in Tarancón and in Madrid, respectively, both of which had sustainability and carbon footprint at their core.
Master of Wine, Andreas Kubach, notable speaker.

Andreas Kubach, Master of Wine and CEO of Península Vinicultores and Bodegas & Viñedos Fontana, which pertains to the Uclés Denomination of Origin, is one of the notable speakers on the events programme on 21 December. Kubach is one of three Spaniards who holds this prestigious title awarded in the United Kingdom, and which accredits comprehensive knowledge of the world of wine (since 4 September 2017 three Spaniards have held this title: in addition to Andreas Kubach, they are Fernando Mora and Pedro Ballesteros). During the event in Uclés, the Spanish-German expert will speak about "Sustainability and its impact on the wine business".
Santiago Mínguez, who is an agricultural engineer from the Autonomous University of Barcelona will provide guidelines on sustainability in the winery, while Justo Banegas, from Alfatec Ingeniería-Consultoría, will speak about energy efficiency.
Furthermore, from the Castile-La Mancha Climate Change Office, Alfonso Rodríguez, who is a biology graduate and holder of a PhD from the University of Castile-La Mancha, will go into detail about the impacts on and adaptation of the vine to climate change.
Representing the field of academics, Francisco Jesús García Navarro, professor at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Ciudad Real, at the University of Castile-La Mancha, and Profesor José Ángel Amorós, from the same school will give a presentation on "The nature of soils in the Uclés Denomination of Origin: geochemistry as a tool in wine traceability".
To close the presentations chapter, Helena Fernández, Director for Environment and Energy at eCo2 Innova Environment & Energy and a graduate in environmental sciences, will make a presentation on reducing our carbon footprint, focused on sustainability and the economic benefit for wineries, as well as funding and grants for investments in the wine sector.

Time and venue

This workshop will take place at the function room at Santiago Monastery in Uclés (Cuenca) from 9.30am to 2.30pm and it will involve a mid-morning break. It aims to be a participatory activity as at the end of each presentation there will be a question and answer session, and at the end of the day there will be a chat between guest speakers and attendees. To close the day, the organisation will offer a cocktail party.

Free and for all kinds of professionals

This activity is free and designed for professionals related to wine, wine making, wine marketing, etc. as well as anyone who can apply sustainable measures in their professional and domestic field. "At the end of the day, it's about working and going about our everyday lives ethically. This is something we must all apply," said Lola Núñez, manager of the Uclés Denomination of Origin.
Anyone interested in attending can register in advance by sending an email to or by calling (+34) 969 13 50 56 / (+34) 652 14 85 31.


The Uclés Denomination of Origin project began in 2003 thanks to a group of winery owners who, over the course of their history, have highlighted the potential of the region's wine making culture and its enormous capacity to create high-quality wines. It is an area of special qualities, ideal climatic conditions, and winery backgrounds with extensive experience in vine cultivation, which has driven the creation and development of the Uclés Denomination of Origin. This denomination initially encompassed red wines of contrasting quality and exceptional sensory profile. In 2006, the Uclés Denomination of Origin became a reality when the Local Government of the Communities of Castile and La Mancha published in its official bulletin the breakdown of conditions, documentation and regulations that govern a denomination of origin, after being approved by the EU and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.
The Uclés Denomination of Origin is formed by Bodega Finca La Estacada, Bodegas & Viñedos Fontana, Bodega Soledad, Bodegas La Estación and Vid y Espiga. Their vineyards are distributed around 28 municipal areas in the region. It is the first denomination of origin to measure its carbon footprint.

For further information:

D.O. Uclés
Lola Núñez Pinto
Managing Director of the Uclés Denomination of Origin
16400 – Tarancón (Cuenca, Spain)
Mob: +34 677 42 08 36 Tel: +34 969 13 50 56


Near Tarancón, 40 min. from Madrid and Cuenca

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